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Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentia (UCA)

 Contact details
Contact personPh. D. Francisco Casiello
Director - Research Department 
StreetAv. Pellegrini 3314 
Address 2000 - ROSARIO (Argentina) 
Phone54 (341) 4368020 
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.) 
Organisation TypeSecondary or higher education establishment 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Philosophy
» Sociology
» Environmental sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Sustainable Development - Methodologies for Sustainability and Epistemological/Philosophical Grounds for Methodologies

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Sustainable and Community Development. Multimodal Methodologíes for Sustainable and Community
Development. Epistemological and philosophical grounds for Multimodal Methodologies for Sustainable and
Community Development.

Integrate ethical, aesthetic, juridical, economic, operative, social, historical, biological and physical
considerations for environmental and development issues in communities. Use of Multimodal Methodology
as an efficient approach to deal with complex, interdisciplinary issues.
Sociological analysis of environmental and development issues and action design to orient community
towards sustainability and viability.

Hermeneutics analysis software packages and use of conventional tools (spreadsheets) to organize
sociological data.
 Research Activities

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
Casiello, F., Villarruel, J. M., The Acceptance and Progress of Multimodal Thought for Community Development
in Argentina, Systemic Practice and Action Research, Ed. Springer Verlag. ISSN 1094-429X, Aug. 2011, Syst
Pract Action Res, DOI 10.1007/s11213-011-9205-9

Casiello, F., Multimodal Systemic Metamethodology: An Application to Edgar Morin’s Doctrine, Systemic
Practice and Action Research (2008)

An electronic copy of the book The current problems of Argentine farming - A multimodal perspective (in
Spanish), can be requested as a reference of our work.

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