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Bibleotheca Alexandrina (BA)
The Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center

 Contact details
Contact personYasser Aref
Associate Professor 
StreetP.O. Box 138 - Chatby, Alexandria 21526, EGYPT 
Address 21526 - Alexandria (Egypt) 
Phone002 0106625594 
Webwww.yasseraref.com; www.bibalex.org
Social Media002 03 54111 28
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)11-25 
Organisation TypeNon profit 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Architecture and design

 Brief description of your activity focus
Associate professor in the field of architecture and conservation

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
  • Currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Menoufeya University, Egypt, and
    a practicing architect.
  • Research interests include the conservation of cultural heritage of
    Alexandria and its urban development plans.
  • Currently a consultant at the Alexandria and
    Mediterranean Research Center (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), Alexandria, Egypt. Feb. 2004–Present.
    Highlights of the Expertise include the following:
  • Project Coordinator for Mediterranean
    Voices project; a Euro-Med Heritage II program funded by the European Union, 2004-2006 (www.med-
  • Committee member responsible for organizing the Bibliotheca Alexandrina architectural
    competition titled Development of the Eastern Harbor, February 2005 & September 2006Co-organized the
    “Med Cities, dialogue among culture” conference, forum, and exhibition, a project funded by the World
    Bank, 2004-2005.
  • Participation, in cooperation with Alexandria Governorate and The World Bank, in
    the conception of the Alexandria future development strategy (emphasis on the preservation and
    promotion of the Alexandrias heritage).
  • Alexandria Metamorphosis architectural design team-
    member. This is a project exhibited in the 9th International Biennale of Architecture, Cities on Water
    Section, Venice, Italy, September 2004.
  • Conducted research for Ramses II, a research project
    funded by the EU, September 2006.
  • Participated in the conception, development and realizing of
    Alexandria Cultural Routes, covering the cultural, social, historical aspects of Alexandria, 2006.

  • Participated in several EU funded projects within the Euromed Heritage II program, Medvoices,
    Ramses2 and Strabon.
  • Prepared proposals for participating in EU funded projects as Archi-Med,

  • Team-member of a consultancy professional group for the Preparation of Urban Plans for Egyptian
    Villages’ Pilot Project, a research project sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure and Urban
    Settlements, 2003.
  • Team-member of a consultancy professional group for The Preparation of Urban
    Plans for Egyptian Villages’ Strategic Project, a research project sponsored by The Ministry of Housing,
    Infrastructure and Urban Settlements, 2006.
  • Member of several committees accepting and
    inspecting final construction work and handing over buildings to clients.
  • Assistant Commissioner
    for The Egyptian Architectural Exhibition, in The 10th Biennale of Architecture, Venice, 2006.
  • Certified Consultant at the General Authority for Urban and Regional Planning, September 2005.

  • National representative, The International Committee For The Conservation Of The Industrial Heritage.
  •  Research Activities

     Project participation
    Project #1
    Project TypeOther (International)
    Project TitleMediterranean Voices
    AcronymMed Voices
    Specific ThemeOral Histrory
    Project websitewww.med-voices.org
    CoordinatorLondon Met University

     International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme

    Yasser G. Aref Adoptive reuse of Fire House # 2 Applied Research (option) Paper Topics, City and Regional
    Planning Program. College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994.

    Yasser G. Aref, Rural Tourism: An Approach to Rural Development, the 3rd Conference of Egyptian Rural
    Development, University of Menofeya, Faculty of Engineering, Egypt, September 2001.

    Yasser G. Aref, Value Engineering Applications in Architecture, Al-Azhar 7th Engineering International
    Conference, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, April 2003.

    Yasser G. Aref, Controlling the Expansion of Rural Settlements in Egypt, the 4th Conference of Egyptian
    Rural Development, University of Menofeya, Faculty of Engineering, Egypt, September 2003.

    Yasser G. Aref, Tourism as a Key Component in Urban Conservation Plans, the 1st International Conference
    on Architectural Conservation between Theory and Practice, Dubai, UAE, March 2004.

    Yasser G. Aref, Development of Desert Settlements, Case of Siwa Oasis Egypt, the 1st Conference, Arch-
    Cairo. Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, February 2004.

    Yasser G. Aref, Mohsen Ibrahim, Architectural and Planning Aspects in Future Cities, the 1st Conference.
    Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, April 2004.

    Yasser G. Aref, Revitalization of Downtowns, Downtown Alexandria Rediscovered, Ismarmed, International
    Seminar for Mediterranean Heritage, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, March, 2005.

    Faisal Abdel Maksoud, Yasser G. Aref, Mona Ezzat, The Role of Private Sector in Rural Development, the 5th
    conference of Egyptian Rural Development, University of Menofeya, Faculty of Engineering, Egypt,
    September 2005.

    Yasser G. Aref, Alexandrias Forgotten Architecture, Defensive Buildings of Alexandria, First Euro
    Mediterranean Regional Conference, Traditional Mediterranean Architecture. Present and Future,
    RehabiMed, Barcelona, Spain, July 2007. (poster session)

    Yasser G. Aref, The Informalization of Heritage, The Case of The Turkish Town, Alexandria, Egypt, The
    International Conference Scenarios of Illicit Living, Agrigento, Italy, October 2007.

    Yasser G. Aref, Mohamed M. Mehaina, Urban Natural Forms, Lake Mariout Scenarios of Deterioration Or
    Prospects of Sustainability, GreenLink Mediterranean seminar, “Respecting Nature and Environment In
    Urban Extensions”, Seminar co financed by InterregIIIBMedocc, Firenze, 30 May 2008.

    Yasser G. Aref, Urban Renewal of Old Residential Districts in Downtown Areas, The case of the Turkish
    Town, Alexandria, Egypt, IV International Forum of Studies “Mediterranean City”, organized by Department
    of Architecture and Analysis of the Mediterranean City, Universita Mediterranea, Reggio Calabria, Italy, 27-
    29 May 2008.

    Yasser Aref, Alexandrias Forgotten Architecture, The lighthouses of Alexandria, seminar on Heritage
    Conservation and Development in Educational Practice organized by the Laboratory Cities & Patrimony,
    Department of Architecture and Town Planning at Mentouri university, 4-5 November 2009

    Yasser Aref, Alexandrias Forgotten Architecture, The lighthouses of AlexandriaCultural Heritage Cairo 2009
    4th International Congress on Science and Technology for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage of the
    Mediterranean Basin 2-4 December 2009, Cairo, Egypt

    Yasser Aref, “Heritage Management and Sustainability, The Case of the Ottoman Town, Alexandria, Egypt”,
    conference on Technology & Sustainability in the Built Environment, organized by college of Architecture
    and Planning at King Saud University, 3-6 January 2010

    Yasser Aref, Tasneem Khalil, Evaluation of Large Scale Housing Projects in Terms of Their Compatibility to
    Criteria of Environmental Design, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS 6th International Engineering and
    Construction Conference (IECC’6), Cairo, Egypt, June 28-30, 2010

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