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 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Czech Republic12 
 Dominican Republic
 Faroe Islands
 FYROM - Rep. of Macedonia
 Slovak Republic27 
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The High Institute of Accounting and Businesses Administration (ISCAE)

 Contact details
Contact personPr. Hamida Skandrani
Associate Professor 
StreetISCAE- Manouba University, Manouba 
Address 2010 - Manouba-Tunisie (Other) 
Phone+216 98903864 
WebHamida Skandrani
Social MediaHamida Skandrani
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.) 
Organisation TypePublic Body 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Other social sciences
» Ethnic studies
» Sociology
» Media and socio-cultural communication
» Business and Management

 Brief description of your activity focus
Holding a Ph.D from Laval University (CA), I am an academic interested in BtoB, BtoC, GtoC marketing, consumer behaviour, Trust, and TI acceptance

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis;
    Spss data analysis
    Social media use
    BtoB marketing
    BtoC Marketing
    Consumer behaviour
    Online trust
    Trust and trustworthiness
    Organic products
  •  Research Activities

     EU Framework Programme related activities:
    » TRANSFORMATIONS-01-2018: Research for inclusive growth: addressing the socioeconomic effects of technological transformations
    » DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020: Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services
    » TRANSFORMATIONS-03-2018-2019: Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments
    » TRANSFORMATIONS-05-2018: Cities as a platform for citizen-driven innovation
    » TRANSFORMATIONS-06-2018: Inclusive and sustainable growth through cultural and creative industries and the arts
    » DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitization
    » GOVERNANCE-01-2019: Trust in governance
    » GOVERNANCE-03-2018: Addressing populism and boosting civic and democratic engagement
    » DT-GOVERNANCE-05-2018-2019-2020: New forms of delivering public goods and inclusive public services

     International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
    - SMARTGOV 2020 (Tunisia), E-Government: communication and strategic plan, The e-Government Unit, Presidency of
    - The IRB Project (11-481), Information Sources and Use in Egypt during Street Demonstrations and Since (revised to
    include Tunisia), Center for Human-Computer Interaction Virginia Tech University, Edward A Fox (Principal Investigator)
    Jefferson J Bailey (CoPrincipal Investigator); Andrea L Kavanaugh (CoPrincipal Investigator); Steven D Sheetz
    (CoPrincipal Investigator) Donald J Shoemaker(CoPrincipal Investigator)

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