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Independent Expert Consulting Board to Promote Scientific Research Activity in Kazakhstan (InExCB-Kz)

 Contact details
Contact personDr Kamila Magziyeva
StreetJANDOSOV STREET, 34A/147, apt 278 
Address 050057 - Almaty (Kazakhstan) 
Phone+7 (727) 3544989 
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)1-10 
Organisation TypeNon profit 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Security
» Sociology
» Migration
» Agriculture
» Engineering
» Environmental sciences
» Health sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
InExCB-Kz is a hosting institution for all Horizon 2020 NCPs in Kazakhstan

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Members of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and FP5 NCP-Kz created InExCB-Kz, private research,
non-governmental and non-profit institution, in 2002. Its main statutory obligations are to support involvement of
Kazakh scientific community into the EU Framework Programmes, and strengthening the EU-KZ cooperation in
RTDI. InExCB-Kz was hosting institution for FP5, FP6, FP7, and now is Horizon 2020 NCP in Kazakhstan.
InExCB-Kz participated in 17 projects co-funded by the EC within FP5, FP6, and FP7. InExCB-Kz has experience to
be coordinator of the FP6 SSA project.
InExCB-Kz is a hosting institution for all Horizon 2020 NCPs in Kazakhstan, including NCP for Legal and Financial
aspects. H2020 NCP system in Kazakhstan includes 52 local thematic networks of the information multipliers at
the local institutions, research centers, universities, and SMEs. InExCB-Kz has huge database of the Kazakh and
Central Asian research and innovation institutions and governmental funding bodies.
InExCB-Kz developed special training methodology to involve the Kazakh and the Central Asian communities into
the EU FPs. Staff of InExCB-Kz has all capacities to carry training and advisory activities, and conduct peer
review, benchmarking, networking, analyzing of R&DI policy, writing the country report and foresight research.
InExCB-Kz has very strong experience to organize large-scale events, such as Policy Stakeholders Conferences,
brokerage events, congresses, forums, exhibitions, fairs, and technology transfer events.

Staff of InExCB-Kz was involved into development of Kazakh laws on science, tax, and international relations as
well as into preparation and signing number of bilateral cooperation agreements.

Partner Search:
Work Programme for 2016-2017: 14. Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its
Fight against crime and terrorism
Call topic: SEC-07-FCT-2016-2017, Human Factor for the Prevention, Investigation, and Mitigation of
criminal and terrorist acts. Research and Innovation Action
Open date: 01 March 2017
Deadline: 25 August 2017
The Call Challenge: The Challenges mention: “There are a number of significant common threats
which have a cross-border impact on security and safety within the EU, and security has become a key factor in
ensuring a high quality of life in the European society and in protecting our critical infrastructures through
preventing and tackling common threats”.
Offers for the proposal: As the Call is open for participants from Third countries, there is possibility to join
international efforts to fight against of crime and terrorism. Crime is spreading rapidly around the world. The
borders of states cannot be protected from criminals because of increasing the people mobility. Social aspects are
very important in the fight against crime, and primarily it concerns the youth.

The project work programme can include an early stage monitoring the psychological state of the young
generation as well as action plan to intervene promptly in the development of the psyche of the child or young
person for the purpose of educate them as patriotic persons respecting the rights. The project can involve wide
circle of the criminological, sociological, psychological and educational research institutions and centers, as well
as judicial authorities and prosecutors offices.
Contribution of Partner: InExCB-Kz has all capacities to contribute into the following activities:
 Management of the project activities in Kazakhstan, including the deliverable development and reporting;
 Communication with the government and other policy-makers;
 Development of a policy-making toolkit, for security policy-makers;
 Development of common approaches for the long-term security measures based on legal and ethical rules of
 Development of methodologies for the training of specialists in the field of behavioral science.
Commitment offered:
 Research
 Demonstration
 Training
 Dissemination
Additional information: As the H2020-NCP-KZ National Coordinator, InExCB-KZ is able to involve relevant
researchers and policy-makers into the project implementation in Kazakhstan.
 Research Activities

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