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Ankara University (A.Ü.)
Dil Tarih Coğrafya Fakültesi

 Contact details
Contact personELİF İNAL
City Planner, Excavation Team Member 
StreetBirlik Mahallesi, 404. Sokak, 5/7 Çankaya/Ankara 
Address 0090 - Ankara (Turkey) 
Phone+90 5333034722 
Social Media05333034722
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)250+ 
Organisation TypePublic Body 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» History
» Cultural Heritage
» Virtual Museums
» Other social sciences
» Anthropology
» Archaeology
» Area studies
» Cultural studies
» Ethnic studies
» Urban studies
» Sociology
» Innovation
» Architecture and design
» Library and museum studies

 Brief description of your activity focus
ı am a member of Kültepe-Kanesh Excavation Team. I am representing the team leader Prof. Dr. Fikri Kulakoğlu and team members about H2020 projects.

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
The site of Kültepe, which was the centre of the ancient Kingdom of Kanesh and head city of a complex network
Assyrian trade colonies in the 2nd millennium B.C., is located 20 km to the northeast of the modern city of
Situated just at the foot of Mount Erciyes and on a fertile plain. This naturally advantageous position allowed
Kültepe to emerge as a centre of importance in the world of ancient politics and trade. Kültepe thus became a key
centre of culture and commerce between Anatolia, Syria, and Mesopotamia by the end of the 3rd millennium B.C.
and especially during the first quarter of the 2nd millennium B.C. The site is composed of two parts, an upper
mound and a lower town. Unlike royal or temple archives discovered in other ancient centres, the cuneiform
archives of Kültepe-Kanesh represent the single largest body of private texts in the ancient Near East. In this
archaeological site of Kültepe; ancient Kanesh has been listed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE TENTATIVE LIST
2014. Also the private archives of the merchants has been recorded by UNESCO in WORLD MEMORY REGISTER in
We, as KÜLTEPE excavation team and Ankara University are ready to participate projects related archaeology,
restoration, site management, virtual museums and cultural heritage.
Our team consists of 50 members from different disciplines and Ankara University, Kayseri Governorate, Kayseri
Municipality also supports our team. I am graduated Middle East Technical University, Department of City and
Regional Planning in 1987. I have experience in project development, project coordination, monitoring and
evaluation at EC funded projects and projects of public institutions, been trained and experienced on Project
Cycling Management. At the beginning of my carrier, ı was responsible for Technical Controlling of plans and some
illustration- restoration projects tenders about preservation of historical areas of Turkey. At the same time I was
The Member of “The Program Management Committee” of the MDG-F 1792 Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern
Anatolia, UNDP (2008-2009), the Chief Controller of “Kars- Ani Ruins Site Management Plan” (2009), I wrote and
coordinated a project about ” Inventoring of Cultural and Natural Assets of South Anatolian Region” which is
granted by EU (2004-2005)
 Research Activities

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