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Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji - PIB / Institute for Sustainable Technologies - NRI (ITeE - PIB)
Innovation Strategies Department

 Contact details
Contact personMrs Anna Sacio Szymanska
Plenipotentiary for EU-funded R&D Progr. 
StreetUlica Pułaskiego 6-10 
Address Radom - 26-600 (Poland) 
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.) 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Political science
» Other formal sciences
» Public affairs
» Other applied sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Future studies, foresight, innovation and related policies

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Plenipotentiary: leading an interdisciplinary team of researchers who represent 13 main scientific
areas of
the Institute with a view to implement in practice its R&D internationalization strategy under Horizon 2020, ERA
actions, COST programmes, etc.
Senior researcher in the Innovation Strategies Team: designing and verifying foresight methodologies;
analysis and
evaluation of science and innovation policies at national and EU levels.
Specialties: Foresight projects (national, regional, sectoral, corporate), foresight methodology, strategic

THE INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES (ITeE-PIB) is functioning under the auspices of the
Polish Ministry of
Economy. The Institute holds a unique status of a National Research Institute (the only one in Poland in the field of
advanced industrial technologies), which is given only to public R&D entities performing research of highest
importance to the national economy. The Institute is based in Mazovia - one of the most dynamically developing
regions in Poland and in Central-Eastern Europe.
Apart from leading an institutional network titled the “Regional Platform of Future Engineering,” which
encompasses scientific, business, and intermediary organizations, from February 2014 the Institute is a core
member of the European Virtual Institute on Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials (KMM-VIN).
The Institute focus is on basic, applied, experimental and implementation research related to the structure and
maintenance of machines, materials engineering and manufacturing technologies. All projects are aimed at the
development of technical and social innovations ready for practical market implementation.
 Advanced Materials
 Sustainable & Smart Manufacturing
 Industrial automation
 Energy Efficiency
 Nanotechnology
 Biotechnology
The Institute pursues further applied research in the aforementioned fields mainly through an ERDF-funded
strategic programme “Innovative Systems of Technical Support for Sustainable Development of Economy” and
industry-led R&D projects.
 Scientific research in the area of systems engineering, tribology, surface engineering, operating fluids,
diagnostics, mechatronics, bio-mechatronics, biotechnology metrology, information technologies and life-long
 Optimisation methods for manufacturing and maintenance processes.
 Systems for the rationalisation of materials and energy resource usage in manufacturing and maintenance
 Methods and systems for the support of quality systems in manufacturing and maintenance processes.
 Modelling of knowledge transformation and technology transfer mechanisms and structures (innovation
management and foresight included).
 Prototype Department/Laboratories: at professional level, manufactures products designed at the Institute,
at cooperating scientific research entities or ordered from industry.

We offer research and technical expertise in the following fields:

 Mechatronics:
• Design and development of Factory Automation systems (with use of optomechatronic technologies and robotic
• The use of advanced solutions in field of hybrid methods for optical inspection for monitoring the production
processes and quality inspection.

 Prototype and experimental production:
• Design and construction of unique prototype and short series research, control and production devices.

 Control Systems:
• Development and implementation of control systems in the areas of plasma processes and production of nano-

 Enviromental technologies:
• Development of specialized technical devices, which allow to reduce the amount of generated of waste by the
care and recycling operating liquids.

 Industrial Biotechnologies:
• Selection and optimization of separation processes by the means of membrane technology.

 Surface engineering:
• Development the package of material and technological solutions (PVD, CVD, heat treatment, thermo-chemical
treatment), which will ensure the effective improvement of the useful properties of the products (tools and
machine components).

 Tribology:
• Development of tribotesters and laboratory equipment for tribological investigations.
• Comprehensive surface analyses using the highest quality analytic devices.

 Information technologies:
• Design and development of unique test and research apparatus, particularly climatic, environmental and volatile
substances emission test chambers.
• Design and development of techno-didactic stands intended for PLC and HMI programming.

 Innovation Management:
• Using innovation management and foresight to help companies, sectors, regions, countries to explore their
specific technological strengths and global market opportunities.
• Estimating technology maturity of product and process innovations with the use of tailor-made methodology and
software to assist companies and R&D centres in planning, managing, and assessing their innovations for
successful technology transition.

We look for:
 Research and industrial partners ready to co-operate in the NMBP fields of expertise under new H2020 calls
for proposals.
 Bilateral meetings where present our organization and specific project.
 Face-to-face meetings to establish professional links and discuss collaboration opportunities under H2020 and
other EU programmes.
 Research Activities

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