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ÖSB Consulting GmbH (ÖSB)

 Contact details
Contact personMag. Ehrenfried Natter
StreetMeldemannstraße 12-14 
Address 1200 - Vienna (Austria) 
Social Media+43.1.33168-3990
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)250+ 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Economics
» Gender and sexuality studies
» Sociology
» Education (incl. training, pedagogy, didactics)
» Health sciences
» Social work

 Brief description of your activity focus
ÖSB is a leading Austrian consultancy in the field of ALMPol, developing and implementing innovative solutions for the world of work.

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
ÖSB experts, consultants, case managers, project managers, organisers and executives provide programme
implementation and consulting services in the field of labour market and social policy for more than 30 years.

Our clusters of expertise are: Entrepreneurship; International Policies; Labour Market Strategies & Research;
Lifelong Guidance; Talent & Health; Youth & Employment

Together with our clients and customers, we develop innovative concepts, pilot projects, counselling programmes
and services, which we also implement successfully — like the start-up programme of the Public Employment
Service Austria, training alliances for businesses, the PES flexibility counselling for businesses, youth counselling
programmes and European knowledge transfer projects.

Our activities are focused on classical target groups of labour market policy such as unemployed, young people,
low skilled, older workers and sick people while consistently applying non-discriminatory diversity approaches
(e.g. gender mainstreaming).

Clients include government institutions, public employment services, private companies (particularly SMEs), non-
profit organisations and international organisations such as the European Commission (DG EMPL and DG JUST) and
the World Bank.

ÖSB operates nationally and internationally and has extensive experience in implementing projects throughout
Europe. The ÖSB manages large scale exchange of good practice programmes commissioned by the European
Commission, conducts research studies in the realm of EU-Programmes, implements mutual learning projects in
several bilateral cooperation programmes and transfers innovative policy approaches to new Member States and
countries seeking accession.
 Research Activities

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
International projects
 Project Type: international
Function: Partner
Project Title: Peer Review in Social Protection and Social Inclusion and Assessment in Social Inclusion 2006-2007, 2008-
2012, 2012-2015
Specific Theme: organization of Peer Review meetings and management of a Network of non-governmental social
inclusion experts. Quality and accessibility of social ser-vices, active inclusion, integration of ethnic minorities and
immigrations, child poverty, homelessness, financial exclusion, social entrepreneurship, active ageing, good
Project website: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=1024&langId=en
Coordinator: ÖSB Consulting GmbH

 Project Type: international
Function: Partner
Project Title: Skills for future - towards better skills at the labour market through bet-ter guidance and education
Specific Theme: exchange of expertise and approaches of good practice in Europe. It deals with the different facets of
the optimal matching of supply and (labour) demand in skills development and qualifications.
Coordinator: NTF - National Training Fund (Prague)

 Project Type: international
Function: Partner
Project Title: Europe Aid 2014
Specific Theme: Entrepreneurial Learning in education systems
Coordinator: EPRD Ltd.

 Project Type: international
Function: Coordinator
Project Title: Labour market cooperation between Austria and Poland 2007-2009, Bul-garia 2007-2012, Romania 2009-
2012, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 2011-2012, Ukraine 2013-2015
Acronym: KOOP-AT.EU
Specific Theme: exchanging knowledge, generating expert knowledge, internal re-search papers on “gender
mainstreaming” and “education, qualification and lifelong learning in Poland and Austria”, implementation of projects,
dissemination of project results
Project website: http://www.koop-at.eu/
Coordinator: ÖSB Consulting GmbH

 Project Type: international
Function: Partner
Project Title: Anticipating skill needs of the labour force and equiping people for new jobs. The role for Public
Employment Services in early identification of skill needs and labour up-skilling (2009-2010)
Specific Theme: role and activities of European PES with respect to anticipation of future skills needs in Europe and
subsequent employment services
Project website: http://www.dti.dk/projects/project-anticipating-skill-needs-of-the-labour-force-and-equipping-
Coordinator: Danish Technological Institute (DK)

 Project Type: international
Function: Partner
Project Title: Mutual Learning Programme of the European Employment Strategy (2005-2008)
Specific Theme: increasing adaptability of workers and enterprises, attracting more people to the labour market;
investing more and more effectively in human capital through better education and skills, ensuring effective
implementation of reforms through better governance
Project website: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=1047&langId=en
Coordinator: ÖSB Consulting GmbH

National projects
 Project Type: national
Project Title: Flexibility consulting Services for Businesses (2005-2013)
Acronym: FBB
Specific Theme: solutions to deal with lack of skilled workers, capacity fluctuations and personnel-related changes;
balancing the interests of and in consultation with the employees of the company. Action fields: training, organisation,
mobility. Consulting of 2.800 companies with more than 50 employees in all of Austria
working time, flexible workforce groups, diversity management, productive ageing
Project website:
Coordinator: ÖSB Consulting GmbH, Deloitte Austria & Wentner-Havranek

 Project Type: national
Function: Partner
Project Title: Fit2Work (2011-2015)
Acronym: Fit2Work
Specific Theme: counselling for people with work related health problems, individual coaching, occupational health
evaluation and health advice, development of profes-sional perspectives, education and training advice, information
on funding possibilities, help with establishing contact with relevant institutions
Project website:
Coordinator: ÖSB Consulting GmbH

 Project Type: national
Project Title: c´mon 17 – Case management for young adults (17-21), 2010-2014
Acronym: c´mon 17
Specific Theme: labour market integration, based on an integrated and holistic view on the situation of young people.
Personal competence profiling, professional orienta-tion, training and workshops, matching services; methodological
development, consultancy to companies employing these young people, intensive networking with the PES services
Project website: http://www.cmon17.at/index.php?id=35
Coordinator: ÖSB Consulting GmbH

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