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OrganisationFundaciĆ³n Cotec para la innovaciĆ³n




17 Feb 2020


20 Mar 2020



Project Title

GOVERNANCE-23-2020: Support to the networking of national R&I Think Tanks for helping co-s...

H2020 Call Topic


The intended new governance of R&I policy at EU level relies on a combination of co-creation across policy fields
and co-design with relevant stakeholders, as part of an open, transparent and cooperative relation between
science and society. This implies developing a shared understanding and common views on policy challenges and
opportunities based on sound evidence and continuous exchanges with policy advisors and shapers active at
national level.

The Cotec Foundation for Innovation is a private, non-profit organization, based in Madrid, Spain, focused on
promoting social and economic growth through innovation. Since 1990, the Cotec Foundation has been working at
the service of technological innovation among Spanish companies to sensitize society on the values of scientific
and technological knowledge and research. In fulfilling this mission, Cotec has served as an observatory of R&D&I
in Spain, and has provided analysis and advice on innovation, technology and economy.

Through multiple initiatives - events, conferences, publications, reports, advice, etc. -, Cotec has become a
Spanish reference institution in the field of innovation. Due to its independent nature, it has been able to
indicate the shortcomings of the innovation system in Spain and make proposals for improvement. In this sense,
our studies and proposals have influenced the design of national and regional science and technology policies, as
well as the growing business and social sensitivity towards innovation.

Currently, the Board of Trustees of Cotec has nearly 100 members, presided by H.M. the King. It is mainly
composed by major Spanish and global business powers, including several Spanish companies listed on the Ibex-
35. Nevertheless, among its members are also included SMEs, social organizations, and public bodies or
administrations at regional and local level. To give an international character to the impulse of innovation, in
2001 Cotec Italia was created, followed by Cotec Portugal in 2003.

In 2015, Cotec decided to take on new challenges and become a true agent of change. It started using innovation
as an engine of growth for SMEs, as well as expanding its analytical capacity to new areas of interest, such as
social innovation, educational innovation or the financial environment of innovation. The intention was to
provoke structural transformations that contribute to the development of the economy and society.

Expertise sought/offered

We are looking for a consortium which aimed to develop more inclusive, innovative and reflective European
societies, aware that innovation will play an essential role. Where new technologies and tools will affect and modify
the models of education, employment, business and administrative development, asking for new ways of interaction
with society-academia-industry. In this sense, Cotec can offer its experience and knowledge in the development and
analysis of R&D policymaking.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Other

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