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OrganisationKAYRA Yöneylem Mühendislik, Danışmanlık ve Eğitim




07 Feb 2020


30 Nov -0001



Project Title

sosyal yapıya değer katmak için çocuklarını çalıştıran kendisi çalışmayan ann...

H2020 Call Topic


The PROJECT aims to raise the awareness of families of child workers and raise awareness of the importance of education. Since child workers are generally from families who have not reached a certain level of education, the importance of educating families on this issue and raising awareness and awareness becomes urgent. According to the report on child abuse in Europe, announced by the European Child Ombudsman in Amsterdam, it is an abuse for children to be employed in their working life, family life and social life. Families that continue to take their children out of school despite being supported by official institutions will undergo a series of training and more permanent solutions to the problem will be developed under this project.At this point, raising the awareness of parents about education, raising their level of consciousness, and taking them from their location to the targeted point are among the main objectives of the project. Thus, it will be provided to support and strengthen the social structure. Indeed, the problem of child labor is not just our project to the whole world that Turkey has universal dimensions of the problem.

Expertise sought/offered

Partners will be preferred to be experts in training and personal development training. Being a public institution related to the social structure is the first reason for preference. (Ministry of family, social security, national education, social services ...)

Tasks offered/requested

* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Organise a webinar

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