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OrganisationPavia University




06 Feb 2020


06 Aug 2020



Project Title

Narrating migration through music. Words and concepts across Mediterranean see, from sub-S...

H2020 Call Topic


I would like to investigate the narrations about migrations developed in popular-traditional music in sub-Saharan western Africa and its reverberation in musical listenings and practices of asylum seekers in Italy. The analysis would be both on the texts and on the music. Both can communicate a message that can be accordant or discordant.
What musical forms and which topics are born in this contexts and why? Which songs travel with irregular migrants, how and why? Which other new songs related to migration are learnt or created in the limbo of the asylum seekers skelters?
The project should create a database of different experiences strong enough to enable comparison between different situations.
I intend create a database of sub-Saharan Contemporary African songs related to migration and several different database of musical listenings and practices of asylum seekers in Italy because the most of them comes from Africa. In Greece could be done the same with syrian refugees.

Expertise sought/offered

I have not the position to lead a team, and the Horizon 2020 requires interdisciplinary. Any expertise related to the topic is welcome. I’m interested in a research that can compare in time and in space, synchronically and diachronically, both about African countries for the Italian situation and about other nationalities for Greece or similar places in which asylum seekers are forced to live in for years.

Tasks offered/requested

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