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OrganisationDipylon Society For the Study of Ancient Topography




19 Dec 2019


19 Jun 2020



Project Title

TOPICS OF INTEREST: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitization & Culture beyond ...

H2020 Call Topic

DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitisation


Description of the Legal Entity

Dipylon Society is a non-profit organization (NPO) for the study of ancient topography through interdisciplinary research on Archaeology, History, Informatics and Cartography (www.dipylon.org). Founded in 2014, it focuses on collecting, organizing and disseminating archaeological knowledge, making the most of the cutting edge technology in digital humanities, specifically GIS and web-mapping.

We are developing innovative methodologies aimed at communicating with the academic community and reaching out to the general public. We wish to contribute to research and education on the topography of ancient cities and related cultural landscapes, and through our programs we seek ways of enhancing relations between citizens and monuments.

Since its establishment, Dipylon has collaborated with significant public benefit foundations, such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the non-profit civil company Aegeas; it was also recently selected for two National Strategic Reference Framework programs in the field of digital cultural heritage management.

Dipylon Society participates in international conferences in Greece and abroad presenting papers on various topics of Archaeology and Digital Humanities (most recent: International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Stadtarchäologie Wien, Vienna 2019; Archaeology in the City, CLUE+ and the University of Naples “Federico II”, Amsterdam 2019; The Protection of Cultural Heritage in Greece in front of the digital challenge, Hellenic Association of Archaeologists, Athens 2019).

Another important objective of Dipylon Society is the development of educational activities with a seminar series on the use of Geographical Information Systems in archaeology and historical topography.

Expertise sought/offered

Description of the Research Team

Our research team has a strong knowledge and expertise in scientific research in the fields of Archaeology, Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage management. It is composed by archaeologists, cartographers and GIS experts who have developed methodological and technological skills in database management, data dissemination and webGIS platform design. All members of Dipylon Society have advanced degrees in their fields (MA, MSc or PhD), have published extensively and presented papers in international conferences.

Competencies relevant to the calls

- Extensive experience with interdisciplinary and innovative research on the nexus between Archaeology, History, Cartography, Informatics and Digital Humanities.
- Extensive experience with applied research in the field of Cultural Heritage and the presentation and dissemination of cultural and historical remains in a digital context.
- Strong national and international academic network

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Other

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