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OrganisationIstanbul University-Cerrahpasa




16 Nov 2019


16 May 2020



Project Title

What can we learn from the ancient cultures about choosing available geo-settings for the ...

H2020 Call Topic


The main motivation is to answer the main question, What can we learn from the ancient cultures about choosing available geo-settings for the sustainable development of natural and anthropogenic products?

Aiming to protect our previous cultural products, including cultural memory, we may jointly learn important clues from the ecosystem and geosciences, such as (1) Investigation of nature-based cultural linkage would either allow us to better understand the selection criteria for building an eco-friended ancient city within the ancient periods; (2) or choosing a location for a modern museum area for illustration or documentation of the ancient products in the modern era.

The potential task offers/requests:
In general, the task offers are listed. However, potential contributions are not limited to these criteria. Herewith, consortium potentially needs the experienced cultural-heritage scientists, also including computer scientists, librarians, scientists and entrepreneurs working on sustainable development issues etc.
a. Creating and/or selection of available parameters, considering geo-sustainability terminology (also considering ICT and 3 D technologies)
b. Creating and/or selection of applicable parameters, considering cultural heritage terminology
c. Testing the applicable geo-cultural parameters in respect to “learning-from-ancient-cultures-frame”, on selected geo-cultural and geo-heritage sites.

Expertise sought/offered

A list of my selected previous international studies, which I have coordination experiences supported by EAOG, DAAD and TUBITAK is: Biomarker distribution of Marmara Lake (Western Turkey) sediments: interpretation of paleoenvironmental conditions; A study of Holocene paleoecology of Lake Van using lipid biomarkers and Amino acid measurements in lakes to better understand the nitrogen cycle.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Perform statistical analyses
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Develop an ICT application
* Other

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