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OrganisationUniversity of Stavanger




24 Oct 2019


24 Apr 2020



Project Title

Education towards a new era: the push and pull of digital transformation

H2020 Call Topic


The project addresses the call DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020: Transformative impact of disruptive
technologies in public services (Research and Innovation action (2020). The digital transformation with disruptive
technologies has potential to profoundly revolutionalize much of the education sector, on all levels, from
kindergartens to higher education, to vocational education and adult education - indeed, the whole lifelong
learning phenomena. However, public education - the target of the study - from teacher education to schools and
kindergartens has showed to mostly remain rather intact by the digital transformation. This is not to say that
nothing has changed: new tools are flooding in to schools and higher education, yet these seem only to replace the
old tools, while the school and teacher role remains largely as it has been since the industrial era. Much of the
effects we are witnessing are related to the public - private partnerships concerning how the new technology has
entered and keeps on entering in education (e.g. procurement), and the governance of those processes.

Expertise sought/offered

Looking for partners with relevant expertise broadly within education, technology, private sector consultants and
service providers to schools, education economics, and public administration. I am in early phase with the project
development, so I am looking for experienced, energetic and well-informed partners, who can do the construction
work together with me.

Tasks offered/requested

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