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OrganisationUniversidad Autónoma de Barcelona




11 Apr 2018


15 Apr 2019

Project Title

Solidarity movements that oriented to and/or are protagonize by migrants and refugees


The arrival of large numbers of people to the European Union, fleeing the violence of armed conflicts and other
situations of vulnerability has been described as the refugee crisis: a humanitarian crisis, in which the different
institutions must act to guarantee the defense of the rights of people who travel to the different countries of the
Union European.

From 2015 different expressions of solidarity have taken place in Barcelona, including the most memorable mass
demonstration that ended with the Casa Nostra Casa Vostra (Our House Your House) campaign in 2017.
Nevertheless, this apparent social consensus obscures the complex reality composed of the different participants
and interests within solidarity movement in the city, and in other European locations.

In this context, a research-action approach aims to map the different social agents and initiatives that are
involved in a heterogeneous network of national/transnational relationships; as well as to promote wider
participation and complicities addressed to generate strategies for protection and integration of people that are
arriving in European Union.

Expertise sought/offered

Sociological, anthropological or social psychology theretical expertise
Qualitative research methods
Social and political engagement

Tasks offered/requested

* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Other

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