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21 Jun 2019


21 Dec 2021



Project Title

Dual chamber microfluidic point-of-care smart device for testing the celular response to d...

H2020 Call Topic


The project aims to develop a system for monitoring the efficacy of drugs released by an Au-OLC nano-conjugate
on circulating tumor cells (CTC) extracted from the bloodstream and then grown. The system is based on the
idea that photo activity of irradiated nanoparticles can control the induction of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in
cancer cells. OLC super-capacity properties attached to irradiate AuNPs can stimulate normal cell viability and,
at the same time, inhibit growth of cancer cells. Therefore, we can expect the Au-OLC nano-conjugate to
produce an increase in ROS yield and to be efficiently eliminated from the tissues.
The use of the AuNPs-OLC nano- conjugate as a nano- carrier element allows the release of drugs at lower
concentrations. High biocompatibility and multi-valent structure of the nano -conjugate surface provide more
possibilities for permeability in cell membranes.
Evaluation of drug efficacy on CTC cells can be performed using a microfluidic device. The device can monitor
the direction of cellular motion in an uneven field. The bicameral arrangement of the device can differentiate
the change in the physiological state of drug-treated cells as compared to untreated cells.
The device can be easily interfaced with intelligent devices and also integrated into laboratory equipment at a
low cost.

Expertise sought/offered

We are looking to sign a research cooperation agreement with partners in order to access a research grant under
the Horizon 2020 finance programmes, to go through clinical phases, develop and commercialize the device
Our partners should fulfill the following profiles:
A manufacturing company for the microfabrication of the dielectrophoretic microfluidic device with the 3D
microelectrode array architecture and a data acquisition system;
An ICT company for developing the hardware and software architecture for data acquisition and interface (GUI)
with mobile devices that allows data processing and management and storage of data;
An oncology center for testing the device on human blood in vitro studies.
A specialized large pharmaceutical company to promote and market the device on the markets.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Design a business plan
* Develop an ICT application
* Organise a webinar

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