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OrganisationTERYSOS DO BRASIL, Ltda




18 Jan 2019


18 Jul 2019



Project Title

Virtual Museum for the activation of turistic potencial in cultural heritage cities. MUCUH...

H2020 Call Topic


In the project, we propose the reconstruction of historical landscapes as a way of recovering memory and time,
as an innovative strategy of cultural tourism in the historic cities of the colonial period. Examples of this would
be the reconstruction of fluvial landscapes, or the reproduction of neighbourhoods or cities as well as
fundamental pieces that no longer exist, such as convents, fortifications, municipal chambers or palaces and
main buildings. Again, with augmented reality and virtual reality, with interactive digital maps, with spatial data
infrastructures and landscape archaeology.
The project includes an ambitious, long-range design for the colonial period, which includes the recovery and
production of historical, artistic, symbolic, scientific, traditional digital assets ... through the use of new
technologies (virtual and augmented reality, IDE and GIS, 360ยบ photos, high resolution photos gigapixels ...) with
the idea of enriching the experience, of recovering the lost, abandoned or forgotten cultural heritage, and of
creating, or recreating, narratives, landscapes and experiences that unite the material, with the immaterial, and
even with the perceptive and symbolic, through maps and historical documents, of archives from all over the
world (we have collected more than 100 archives for the period between the foundation, 1500, and the empire,
1822). In addition, the Brazilian experience not only involves Portugal or Spain but also France, England and
Holland, Italy (to a lesser extent) and several African countries (Morocco, Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique ...
sources of Afro-Brazilian culture). The documentation is already identified and we could start very fast. The form
of exhibition, including a portal, would be through museums 5.0, which basically consist of interactive screens
fed by centralized digital content and great richness (we would say a kind of large three-dimensional digital
library and oriented to the historical and digital landscape, not only to assets but also to their environments).

Expertise sought/offered

Virtual and Augmented Reality, Gigapixels photographs, Cultural Digitalization Processes, Spatial Data
Infrastructures, Museums 5.0, Geographic Information Systems, Building Information Modelling, and Communication
and Information Technologies in general. Cultural Landscapes and Heritage management, Urban Planning and Turist

Tasks offered/requested

* Organise/host training
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Design a business plan

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