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OrganisationUniversidad Pablo de Olavide




02 Apr 2018


15 Feb 2019



Project Title

Citizens and parliamentarians in times of crisis and renewal: the European comparative cas...

H2020 Call Topic


This topic allows the possibility of doing comparative studies of the levels and factors of trust in national
governments, European political parties, possible relationships between trust and inequalities, trust and legitimacy as
well as between trust and the quality of democracy or role of civil society. The expected impact is an improvement in
the knowledge base on trust, including the factors determining changes in trust and to develop criteria, indicators and
early warning mechanisms for detecting weak signals of decreasing trust.

It is a good opportunity to know the divides that emerge between politicians and citizens in diffe-rent European
countries, analyze if they have the same characteristics, study their causes and observe if it obeys a fully European
phenomenon or its causes must be looked for in the particu-larities of each country.

Expertise sought/offered

We can offer data on the social profile of political elites (MPs) since a better knowledge of MPs is key to reduce
disaffection and increase institutional trust: we have a database covering the 19 chambers in Spain (1977-18).We
deal with data revealing congruence between citizens and MPs on different dimensions of representation. Low levels
of congruence may affect trust in political institutions in democracies. We are carrying out the second wave of
interviews and data on MPs and citizens.

Xavier Coller is the project leader in Spain for The Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) which is a joint multi-
national project with the goal of collecting data on candidates running for national parliamentary elections using a
common core questionnaire to allow for cross-country comparisons. The team has carried out research projects on
the relationship between citizens, politicians, social movements and parties. More information can be found at

We have developed an expertise on studying social movements and social protest and how it gets incorporated to
the political agenda. Our research group can cooperate in building indicators of trust and analyzing how trust relates
to legitimacy, quality of democracy and the role of civil society.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Perform statistical analyses
* Organise/host training
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Other

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