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OrganisationFederal Institute of Education in Rondonia State, Brazil




09 Nov 2018


09 May 2019



Project Title

Performance of forests, agroforestry and agroextractivist systems for food and nutritional...

H2020 Call Topic


Migrants in Brazil State need mechanisms of interaction with customers interested in purchasing their
agroecological products. The lack of communication between producer and buyer impacts on the financial
performance of the former, which loses sales volume, and the latter, which acquires products of inferior quality.
This work aims to evaluate mobile applications for the commercialization of products of agroecological origin,
emphasis on the production of traditional peoples and communities, family farmers and other vulnerable social
groups in western Amazonia. The aim is to expose agroecological products, allowing the dissemination of interests
of possible buyers. The functionalities of this technology are supported in the registration of data on the products
offered by the producers and information of the needs of products demanded by the buyers. Applications will
perform combinations based on the supply and demand registers. Technologies will be generated for producers to
gain access to significant numbers of buyers and consumers will be able to locate agro-ecological products quickly
and efficiently.

Expertise sought/offered

The research, extension and transfer of technologies generated will be carried out in areas in Brazil State where
there is intense migration.

Tasks offered/requested

* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training

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