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OrganisationHuman Sciences Research Council


South Africa


24 Oct 2018


24 Apr 2019

Project Title

Artistic Expression and Youth Empowerment


The main aim of this project is to place artistic and cultural institutions as well as their services and products at the centre of youth employment and empowerment in selected poor localities in five African countries, namely, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. A data-base of various artistic and cultural institutions in the selected poor localities in the five countries will be prepared as a reference document for youths and the community, and fifty young men and 50 young women fromeach of the disadvantaged localities will be trained on the various techniques of producing and disseminating or distributing artistic and cultural goods and products. Moreover, connections and networks between the trained youths and artistic and cultural institutions will be facilitated, and the various parties will be briefed on the importance of collaborative work in strengthening and sustaining the activities of their institutions and local development policies. The implementing organisations will work in collaboration with local government departments of arts and culture, local producers of artistic and cultural products, traditional authorities and the 100 youths from each locality to ensure the successful implementation of this life-changing project.

Expertise sought/offered

I am looking for three scholars from three different European tertiary and research institutions with interest and expertise in cultural heritage, cultural heritage tourism, history of art, visual arts, performing arts, museums, anthropology, archaeology, development studies to jointly respond with me to the H2020 call on innovative approoaches to urban and regional development through cultural tourism.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Design a business plan
* Other

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