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OrganisationUniversity of Nantes




09 Oct 2018


09 Apr 2019



Project Title

Citizenship and governance in Europe - a philosophical, legal, historical, and sociologica...

H2020 Call Topic


CITER is a project belonging to the Institut d’Etudes Européennes et Globales (Alliance Europa), an excellence centre in Nantes. CITER is an interdisciplinary social science research project seeking to renew the terms of the debate surrounding the notion of citizenship in Europe. Members of the project study the profound changes in the conception of citizenship brought about by processes such as the European construction, globalization, international migration, and the rise of new technologies. CITER research is based in a philosophical, historical, legal, and social perspective.

The aim of the project is to produce new approaches to the nation-state, citizenship and democracy, on a regional, national, and supranational level. Recent developments, such as the “migration crisis” or the democratic deficit in the EU, undermine some of the traditional features of citizenship in European countries. They put into question its closure on a particular community, rooted in a territory and embodied in a national narration. These phenomena of decomposition and recomposition require an urgent response.
CITER project aims to build innovative thoretical and pratical models, as well as to produce original sociological analyses to address those questions. CITER project cooperates around those issues with national and international partners.

CITER project combines the contributions of different fields of study, including philosophy, law, history, and sociology. This interdisciplinarity allows for a comprehension of both the foundations of visions of citizenship and of its current incarnations.
The methodology consist primarily of sources analysis and theoretical analysis on the topics of migrations and citizenship in different disciplinary fields. It is also based on comparitive studies of different countries (France, Germany, Polond, Italy, Marocco, South American countires…).
The competences of the CITER project include expertise on a wide range of questions relaing to citizenship, as a philosophical concept, as a historical construction, and as a lived practice.

By focalising on the overarching issue of citizenship, the CITER team is able to approach topics studied in isolation (democracy, globalization, migration, etc.) through a common lens. This perspective offers novel insights. Moreover, establising dialogue between different disciplines allows for an exploration of a fuller range of aspects and facets of the idea of citizenship.
The added value of the CITER project lies also in approaching the issues of citizneship and migration on different levels: regional and national (by developping links with civil society and analyzing local and national policies), as well as international (by developping links with other countries and analyzing European policies).

Expertise sought/offered

Since the beginging of the project, CITER has been expanding its network of national and international collaborators, and advancing reflection on its core topics. In the future, we ambition to build upon those advances to create a more cohesive, international framework for the study of citizenship.
In the coming years, our team would like to focus above all on the question of the links between citizenship and residence, to produce novel conceptions of nationhood, integration, and citizen status.

We are looking for partners wishing to cooperate around the above-described theme, but would also be open to partnerships involiving a study of issues such as migration and immigrant inclusion, or democracy and citizen participation.

Tasks offered/requested

* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training

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