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OrganisationUniversidad Católica del Maule




29 Nov 2021


29 May 2022



Project Title

Cultural challenges and limitations on perspective change on climate change and environmen...

H2020 Call Topic

LC-GD-10-3-2020: Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development a...


Each culture has its own characteristics, due to geographical, historical and political/economical peculiarities. It is
possible to identify many strategies to spread quality information amongst the population (education, citizen
science, free diffusion of science, civic engagement in collective decision-making). But which are the challenges
(possibly different in any country) which have the potential to limit all these efforts? Why some countries seem to
successfully and effectively manage a perspective change in the population on environmental problems and make
them engage in this need for change way of thinking, while other countries struggle to consider these issues as
central for the development of a better society and for a safer world? Any scientific content should be culturally
adapted to the local reality of each country in order to be effectively accepted by the population.
Education shapes the future culture and perspective of the new generations, but concepts cannot be imposed if a
specific culture doesnt include these issues in its own knowledge base, so it is possible that all the efforts to make
our societies aware of the dangers of not changing our perspective by placing the environment and the protection of
the planet at the center of our focus are destined to fail if they are not accepted or understood.

Expertise sought/offered

I am proposing as a collaborator from South America for any Horizon project aiming at understanding the cultural
individual and collective dynamics which could mine and limit the efforts to achieve a real change of perspective in
the citizens. Due to pandemics, it will be possible to perform online experimental settings through cognitive tasks
and questionnaires in different languages, so I offer myself and the other researchers of our Research Centers in the
Catholic University of Maule (Chile) as possible collaborators to fit with the objectives of an already structured
project looking for Latinamerican partners.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise a webinar
* Other

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