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OrganisationAssociação de Professores de Expressão e Comunicação Visual-APECV




18 May 2021


18 Nov 2022

Project Title

Textile Cartographies: environmental sustainability through collective textile art and d...


This arts based research project intends to study the impact of narratives about environmental sustainability
through collective textile art and design actions. The project will have a duration of 36 months.The applied
methodology is a qualitative research, based on ethnographic; participatory and arts based methods .

We will start from a literature review focused on textile craft art and design and searching how contemporary
arts, design and and crafts are using textile materials and techniques as collective experiences.

Each local coordinator will promote an action with a group of people interested in collaborating in the creation
of a participatory blanket as an activist action, creating a narrative that expresses ideas and opinions about
human action on planet Earth . The researchers will document the collaborative process taking into account its
analysis based on the hypothesis that textile arts are means of communication and activist expression with
positive effects on peoples well-being and environmental education.

From an educational point of view, the researchers intend to study also, textile craft techniques, in lifelong
learning and well being.

# Environmental education #artivism #activism #citizen participatio # art and design #extile arts #handicrafts
#Artistic education #citizenship #textilemaps # participatory research #arts based research # action research #
grounded research # participatory design #art activism # sustainability #environmentalart #art education
#mirarconagujaehilo #tejidosocial# cartografias #arte textil # design participativo #arte comunitário #
educação artistica activista # educação para a sustentabilidade # educação artística

Expertise sought/offered

Communuty artists
Participatory Designers
Arts Based Reseachers
Participatory Researchers
Service Designers;
Arts Educators;
Environmental Educators;
Inclusion; ´
Social Transformation;
Textile arts and crafts

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Perform statistical analyses
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Design a business plan
* Develop an ICT application
* Organise a webinar
* Other

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