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OrganisationGOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GMBH




08 Apr 2021


08 Oct 2021

Project Title

Monitoring and sustainability control of complex processes in real-time


Based on scientific and technology achievements of the consortium members, the project will address increasing
challenges for health and social care in EU due to unprecedented pressure from rising chronic diseases, aging
population and COVID-19 pandemic causing never-ending impacts due to health & social budget constraints,
economic slowdown, huge need for caregivers and nurses, increased number of lonely people, feeling of
loneliness for many due to layoffs, loss of income (from morbidity, quarantines, unemployment), isolations,
lockdowns, business closures, social distancing and disruptions to supply and demand in an interconnected world

The project will introduce cutting-edge AI-driven digital solutions improving overall capacity and performance of
both (1) individuals managing own health and well-being, and (2) healthcare and caregiving organizations
managing large groups of individuals at their homes remotely i.e. extending hospital care to homes.
The Personal Intelligent Virtual Assistants for individuals will be able to
- monitor health status of an individual,
- speak in natural language,
- collect, analyze data about health, activities, emotional and mental status, living conditions,
- advise and remind regarding best possible self-management of health using smart speaker and mobile
phones in natural language similar to the communications with human nurses,
- keep all associated caregivers, social and healthcare organisations updated regarding health status
remotely and provide on-demand connectivity in video/voice and data analytic modalities.

The project will realize new prototypes of new commercial digital services answering the huge market demand
for personalised telemonitoring services for EU population while exploiting viable financial recurrent revenue.

Expertise sought/offered

- Biometric wearable, air and environmental measurement sensors
- Medical diagnostics based on combinations of health & wellbeing indicators, analytics and health component
- End user health care centers and organisations interested in experimental prototyping of radically new intelligent
digital health solutions.

Tasks offered/requested

* Perform statistical analyses
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Design a business plan
* Develop an ICT application
* Organise a webinar
* Other

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