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OrganisationStadtgemeinde Trofaiach




11 Nov 2020


11 May 2021



Project Title

Citizen participation related to Climate Change

H2020 Call Topic

LC-GD-10-3-2020: Enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development a...


Trofaiach is a city in Upper Styria with about 11.200 residents. On March 12th, 2020, the municipality of Trofaiach decided to sign a resolution on the Agenda 2030 in a municipal council resolution. The city has thus committed to implementing the 17 sustainability goals in all activities and projects. At the same time, a pilot project was started with the Province of Styria to examine existing initiatives for the potential with regard to the 17 SDGs. Now, ideas for a sustainable Trofaiach shall be collected in workshops with the management of the municipality, as well as in the context of a citizens participation with interested citizens and other stakeholders. These ideas flow directly into the citys new development model, which will be drawn up by 2023.

Expertise sought/offered

Our team would like to join a consortium working on a H2020 project dealing with citizen participation related to climate change. Long-term expertise in management of H2020 projects is available in our team.

Tasks offered/requested

* Organise/host training
* Other

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