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OrganisationUniversitat Pompeu Fabra




03 Jun 2020


03 Dec 2020



Project Title

2020 LIFE calls for proposals of the Climate action sub-programme:

H2020 Call Topic


Based on my expertise, the following are some areas of interest to work within the remit of the 2020 LIFE calls for
proposals of the Climate action sub-programme:
2.5 Priority Area Climate Governance and Information, Policy Area 2) Incentivise behavioural change, mainstream
emission reduction and resource efficiency actions in sectors
- 2.4 Priority Area Climate Change Adaptation, Policy Area 1) Urban adaptation and land use planning which limits
the impacts of climate change

Expertise sought/offered

I am looking for a Consortium willing to integrate my experience as a partner from Spain.
In 2.5, I can provide support to local or regional communities and organisations/initiatives to share information,
and generate support for either existing or new (e.g. pilot, demonstration, or best practice) climate action
projects through SWOT analyses and diagnostic studies of barriers and opportunities.

In 2.4, I can provide support to pilot, demonstration, or best practice projects implementing adaptation
initiatives to establish cooperation with local, regional and/or national authorities as well as involve stakeholders
through diagnostic studies of barriers and opportunities of implementation pathways, and deliberative forums.

Tasks offered/requested

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